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reboot MX Message

reboot message is generated by uptime periodic check of discovery when managed object reboot is detected.

Message Headers

Type of message. Always reboot.
Key for consistent sharding.
Managed Object's Profile Id.

Message Format

Message contains JSON with following fields:

Name Type Description
ts DateTime ISO 8601 timestamp (i.e. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS) of estimated reboot
managed_object Object Managed Object details
id String Managed Object's ID
remote_system Object Source remote system for Managed Object
id String External system's id
name String External system's name
remote_id String External system's id (Opaque attribbute)
name String Managed Object's name
bi_id Integer Managed Object's BI ID
address String Managed Object's management address
pool String Managed Object's pool name
profile String SA Profile Name
object_profile Object Managed Object's Profile Details
id String Managed Object Profile's ID
name String Managed Object Profile's name
vendor String Vendor name
platform String Platform name
version String Firmware version
administrative_domain Object Administrative Domain details
id String Administrative Domain's ID
name String Administrative Domain's name
segment Object Network Segment details
id String Network Segment's ID
name String Network Segment's name
x Float Map coordinates, longitude
x Float Map coordinates, latitude
container Object Object Container details
id String Object Container's ID
name String Object Container's name


  "ts": "2020-12-12T13:25:39.263107",
  "managed_object": {
    "id": "4352586",
    "name": "msk-1.sw",
    "remote_system": {
      "id": "5717e96fcc044b4498d7e85",
      "name": "ISP NRI"
    "remote_id": "125",
    "bi_id": "1708151174931250727",
    "address": "",
    "pool": "MSK",
    "profile": "Qtech.QSW2800",
    "object_profile": {
      "id": "52",
      "name": "msk.sw.default"
    "vendor": "Qtech",
    "platform": "QSW-3500-10T-AC",
    "version": "",
    "administrative_domain": {
      "id": "3",
      "name": "Moscow"
    "segment": {
      "id": "5717e96fcc044b4e98d7e853",
      "name": "Access segment #5"
    "x": 37.256,
    "y": 55.521,
    "container": {
      "id": "6baa8d8f1c8440527788b138",
      "name": "Room #217"