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Network | DOCSIS | Bad Timing Offset

Bad timing offset detected for Cable Modem


Probable Causes

The cable modem is not using the correct starting offset during initial ranging, causing a zero, negative timing offset to be recorded by the CMTS for this modem. The CMTS internal algorithms that rely on the timing offset parameter will not analyze any modems that do not use the correct starting offset. The modems may not be able to function, depending on their physical location on the cable plant.

Locate the cable modem based on the MAC address and report the initial timing offset problem to the cable modem vendor.


Variable Type Required Description
mac mac Cable Modem MAC
sid int Cable Modem SID
offset str Time offset


Raising alarms

Network | DOCSIS | Bad Timing Offset events may raise following alarms:

Alarm Class Description
Network | DOCSIS | Bad Timing Offset dispose