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Network Segment Profile

Network Segment Profile is a group settings for Network Segment

Segment Uplinks calculation is configured via Uplink Policy setting. Uplink Policy is the list of methods in order of preference. NOC tries the methods one-by-one until finds any appropriate Network Segment's uplinks.

Segment Hierarchy

Connectivity provided by parent segment. Uplinks are all objects from parent segment having links to segment.

Consider the scheme:

graph TB subgraph Parent MO1 end subgraph Segment MO2 MO3 MO4 end MO1 --- MO2 MO1 --- MO3 MO2 --- MO4 MO3 --- MO4

Lets MO1 belong to Parent Segment, while MO2, MO3 and MO4 are in current Segment. The table of Uplinks and Downlinks:

Object Uplinks Downlinks
MO2 MO1, MO4 MO4
MO3 MO1, MO4 MO4
MO4 MO2, MO3 MO2, MO3

Object Level

Objects with greatest level is elected as uplinks. Objects can belong both to segment and neighbor segments.

All Segment Objects

All Segment's Objects provide full network Connectivity. Any segment neighbor is uplink.

Lesser Management Address

Segment's Object with lesser management address is elected as Uplink

Greater Management Address

Segment's Object with greater management address is elected as Uplink