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Labels are user-defined "Tags" which can be attached virtually to any data in NOC. Labels can hold additional configuration:

  • Visual Appearance.
  • Application area, i.e. to which kinds of entities they can be attached to.
  • Exposition rules.
  • Protection flag.

Scoped Labels

Labels can be groupped to the scopes. Only one label from scope may be attached to single entity. Scopes are separated by :: sign. Scopes can be nested. Examples of scoped labels:

  • myscope::mylabel
  • myscope::mysubscope::mylabel

Effective Labels

Labels are combined with group settings to build Effective Labels. Effective labels contain directly set labels enriched with inherited ones.

Inheritance order is in the table below. For the scoped labels, leftmost entry is preferable. Some kinds of inheritance have an exposition restrictions.

Entity Inheritance Order Exposition Restrictions
Agent Agent, Agent Profile
Service Service, Service Profile, Service Parent
Коллектор агента Service, Agent expose_metric
Administrative Domain Administrative Domain, Administrative Domain Parent
Managed Object Managed Object, Managed Object Profile, Administrative Domain expose_managed_object
Alarm Alarm, Interface, Managed Object expose_alarm
Interface Interface, Interface Profile, Managed Object expose_interface

Protected Labels

Protected labels may be applied only to group settings and cannot be placed to final entities manually.

Wildcard Labels

Wildcard labels are used in the match operations and specify all labels from given scope and all nested scopes. Wildcards are combined from scope followed by * sign. Examples:

  • myscope::*
  • myscope::mysubscope::*