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Client MUST set Private-Token HTTP Request header and set it with proper Key in order to get access to protected API


curl  -s -D - -k -H 'Private-Token: 12345'  https://noc_url/dev/reference/api/datastream/managedobject`

where 12345 is an API token key.


DataStream API

Access to DataStream API

API:Role Description
datastream:administrativedomain administrativedomain DataStream
datastream:alarm administrativedomain DataStream
datastream:resourcegroup resourcegroup DataStream
datastream:managedobject managedobject DataStream
datastream:dnszone dnszone DataStream access
datastream:cfgmetrics cfgmetrics DataStream access
datastream:cfgping cfgping DataStream access
datastream:cfgsyslog cfgsyslog DataStream access
datastream:cfgtrap cfgtrap DataStream access
datastream:vrf vrf DataStream access
datastream:prefix prefix DataStream access
datastream:address address DataStream access


API:Role Description
nbi:config NBI config API access
nbi:configrevisions NBI configrevisions API access
nbi:getmappings NBI getmappings API access
nbi:objectmetrics NBI objectmetrics API access
nbi:objectstatus NBI objectstatus API access
nbi:path NBI path API access
nbi:telemetry NBI telemetry API access

Web interface example

You should fill Name and API key as required fields. Also in API rows should be nbi or datastream. In Role row should be a role from tables above or * (asterisk)

Edit API

You can fill the ACL section or may leave it empty. Prefix field should be in a IP/net way.


Also there is an opportunity to allow requests to API only from whitelist IPs. You can find this option in Tower, in nbi/datastream service respectively.

Best Practices

  • Grant separate API Keys for every connected system
  • Grant separate API Keys for every developer, Restrict key lifetime
  • Grant separate API Keys for every external tester, Restrict key to short lifetime