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Bases: noc.core.profile.base.BaseProfile

name = Alstec.24xx
pattern_username = ^User:
pattern_unprivileged_prompt = ^(?P<hostname>[ \S]+) >
pattern_prompt = ^(?=[^#])(?P<hostname>\S+?)(\s\([\S ]+?\)){0,3} #
pattern_more = [['^--More-- or \\(q\\)uit$', ' '], ['This operation may take a few minutes.\\nManagement interfaces will not be available during this time.\\nAre you sure you want to save\\?\\s*\\(y/n\\):\\s*', 'y\n'], ['Would you like to save them now\\?', 'n']]
pattern_syntax_error = ERROR: Wrong or incomplete command
command_super = enable
command_exit = logout
command_enter_config = configure
command_leave_config = exit
command_save_config = write memory
config_volatile = ['^!System Up Time.+?\\n!Current SNTP Synchronized Time.+?\\n']
config_tokenizer = context
static parse_kv_out(out)