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Bases: noc.core.profile.base.BaseProfile

name = 3Com.4500
pattern_username = ^Username:
pattern_password = ^(Password:|Please input password:)
pattern_more = [['^\\s+---- More ----$', ' '], ['The current configuration will be written to the device. Are you sure? [Y/N]:', 'Y'], ['(To leave the existing filename unchanged, press the enter key):', '\n'], ['flash:/startup.cfg exists, overwrite? [Y/N]:', 'Y']]
pattern_prompt = ^[<\[]\S+[>\]]
pattern_syntax_error = ^\s+% (Unrecognized|Incomplete) command found at '\^' position.$
command_save_config = save
command_leave_config = return
command_exit = quit
setup_session(self, script)