Module Contents

class noc.core.etl.portmapper.base.PortMapperBase

Bases: type

Process @match decorators

classmethod __new__(mcs, name, bases, attrs)
class noc.core.etl.portmapper.base.BasePortMapper(managed_object)

Bases: six.with_metaclass()

Basic class to convert port notation from external NRI and back. External NRI system is defined in managed object’s src:<SYSTEM> tag.

NRI format converted to NOC’s one via methods decorated with @from_mapping()

NOC’s format converted to NRI’s one via methods decorated with @to_mappings()

to_local(self, name)

Convert interface name from NRI to NOC’s conventions

to_remote(self, name)

Convert interface name

noc.core.etl.portmapper.base.to_local(profile=None, platform=None)
noc.core.etl.portmapper.base.to_remote(profile=None, platform=None)