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parse(self, config)
iter_ports(self, expr)

Iterate via port expressions. Expr can be one of:

1 1,2,5 1,2-4,7 2:2,2:5-2:7,2:9 1:2,1:(5,6-9,15) 1:2,1:(5,7,9),2:10
next_item(self, tokens, name)

Search for keyword and return next item

get_items(self, tokens, *args)

Fetch and return list of items

next_bool_item(self, tokens, name)
get_bool_items(self, tokens, *args)
parse_config_ports(self, tokens)

config ports 1:7,1:9,1:11,1:13 speed auto capability_advertised 1000_full flow_control disable learning enable state enable description MYDESCRIPTION

get_vlan_fact(self, id)
parse_create_vlan(self, tokens)

create vlan 306 tag 306 create vlan tag tag 306

parse_config_vlan_vlanid(self, tokens)

config vlan vlanid 601-603,605 add tagged 2,12,28

parse_config_vlan(self, tokens)

config vlan 307 add tagged 1:1,1:5,2:21-2:22 advertisement disable config vlan vlan307 add tagged 1:1,1:5,2:21-2:22 advertisement disable

parse_create_account(self, tokens)

create account <group> <name>

parse_config_sntp(self, tokens)

enable sntp config sntp primary IP1 secondary IP2 poll-interval 720

parse_config_snmp(self, tokens)

config snmp system_name <name> config snmp system_location <name>

parse_syslog_host(self, tokens)

create syslog host 1 severity informational facility local7 udp_port 514 ipaddress state enable

parse_iproute(self, tokens)

create iproute default 1 create iproute null0 create iproute 1 primary

parse_port_security(self, tokens)

config port_security ports 1:1-1:25 admin_state disable max_learning_addr 1 lock_address_mode DeleteOnReset

parse_traffic_control(self, tokens)

config traffic control 1 broadcast enable multicast enable unicast enable action drop threshold 64 countdown 0 time_interval 5 config traffic control 49 broadcast disable multicast disable unicast disable action drop threshold 131072 countdown 0 time_interval 5