Cisco.IOS Profile

Cisco.IOS profile supports wide range of Cisco Systems network equipment running Cisco IOS software.

New in version 0.1.


Show firmware version

show version

Show platform

show version

Show configuration

Show current running configuration

show running-config

Show startup configuration

show startup-config

Entering Configuration Mode

All configuration commands are entered in the configuration mode. To enter configuration mode type

configure terminal

Save Configuration

To save configuration changes type

copy running-config startup-config

Create Local User

username <name> privelege 15 password <password>

Enable SNMP

Enable SSH

Enable CDP

Enable LLDP

Known Issues

  • IOS 12.2SE got LLDP support starting from 12.2(33)SE, but due to several bugs it is recommended to use 12.2(50)SE or later if you planning to use LLDP discovery.

Supported Platforms

Used Commands

Cisco.IOS profile emmits following commands. Ensure they are available for NOC user:

  • show version
  • show running-config
  • show startup-config