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Liftbridge Streams

Liftbridge streams are the one of ways of inter-process communications inside NOC cluster.

Events Pipeline

Main Fault Management pipeline. Events pipeline registers various events either by active (pinging and probing) or by passive (various collectors) means. Then, classifier processes events, assigns them Event Classes and detects events which may signal the raising or clearing alarm conditions. Selected events are passed to correlator for further alarm state processing.

graph LR ping -->|events.POOL| classifier syslogcollector -->|events.POOL| classifier trapcollector -->|events.POOL| classifier classifier -->|dispose.POOL| correlator

Generic Message Exchange Pipeline

Generic Message Exchange Pipeline processes notifications of various system events which may be delivered to outside system. Messages are sent to mx service, which performs translation and templating for messages and routes them to one of *sender services, which perform delivery to outside endpoints.

graph LR System((System)) -->|mx| mx discovery -->|mx| mx datatream -->|mx| mx mx -->|kafkasender| kafkasender([kafkasender])