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asset Model Interface

Inventory references, asset and serial numbers


Name Type Description Required Constant Default
part_no String List Internal vendor's part number
as shown by diagnostic commands
order_part_no String List Vendor's FRU as shown
in catalogues and price lists
serial String Item's serial number
revision String Item's hardware revision
asset_no String Item's asset number, used for
asset tracking in accounting
mfg_date String Manufacturing date in
YYYY-MM-DD format
cpe_22 String CPE v2.2 identification string
cpe_23 String CPE v2.3 identification string
min_serial_size Integer Minimal valid serial number size
max_serial_size Integer Maximal valid serial number size
serial_mask String Regular expression to check serial number


  "asset": {
    "order_part_no": ["MX-MPC2E-3D-Q"],
    "part_no": ["750-038493"]