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alarms model

Table Structure

Setting Value
Table Name alarms
Engine MergeTree(date, (ts, managed_object), 8192)
Field Data Type Description
date Date Date
ts DateTime Created
close_ts DateTime Close Time
duration Int32 Duration
alarm_id String Id
root String Alarm Root
alarm_class UInt64 Alarm Class
severity Int32 Severity
reopens Int32 Reopens
direct_services Int64 Direct Services
direct_subscribers Int64 Direct Subscribers
total_objects Int64 Total Objects
total_services Int64 Total Services
total_subscribers Int64 Total Subscribers
escalation_ts DateTime Escalation Time
escalation_tt String Number of Escalation
reboots Int16 Qty of Reboots
managed_object UInt64 Object Name
pool UInt64 Pool Name
ip UInt32 IP Address
profile UInt64 Profile
vendor UInt64 Vendor Name
platform UInt64 Platform
version UInt64 Version
administrative_domain UInt64 Admin. Domain
segment UInt64 Network Segment
container UInt64 Container
x Float64 Longitude
y Float64 Latitude