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vrf DataStream

vrf DataStream contains summarized IPAM VRF state


Name Type Description
id String VRF id
change_id String Record's Change Id
name String VRF name
vpn_id String VPN ID
afi Object Enabled Address Families
ipv4 Boolean IPv4 is enabled on VRF
ipv6 Boolean IPv6 is enabled on VRF
description String VRF textual description
rd String VRF route distinguisher
tags Array of String VRF tags
state Object VRF workflow state
id String State id
name String State name
workflow Object VRF workflow
id String Workflow id
name String Workflow name
allocated_till Datetime Workflow state deadline
profile Object VRF Profile
id String VRF Profile id
name String VRF Profile name
project Object VRF Project
id String Project id
name String Project name
source String VRF Learning source:
M - Manual
i - Interface
m - MPLS
c - ConfDB


API Key with datastream:vrf permissions required.