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cfgping DataStream

cfgping DataStream contains configuration for ping service


Name Type Description
id String Managed Object's id
change_id String Record's Change Id
pool String Pool's name
fm_pool String Pool's for FM event processing
interval Integer Probing rounds interval in seconds
policy String Probing policy:
* f - Success on first successful try
* a - Success only if all tries successful
size Integer ICMP Echo-Request packet size
count Integer Probe attempts per round
timeout Integer Probe timeout in seconds
expr_policy String Free time behaviour:
D - furn off pinging
E - continue pinging, but don't follow status
report_rtt Boolean Report Ping RTT metric per each round
report_attempts Boolean Report Ping Attempts metric per each round
status Null Reserved
name String Managed Object's name
bi_id Integer Managed Object's BI Id


Add BI ID reference



Restrict stream to objects belonging to pool name

Pool name


API Key with datastream:cfgping permissions required.