vrf DataStream

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vrf DataStream contains summarized IPAM VRF state


Name Type Description
id String VRF id
change_id String Record’s change id
name String VRF name
vpn_id String VPN ID
afi Object Enabled Address Families
  • ipv4
Boolean IPv4 is enabled on VRF
  • ipv6
Boolean IPv6 is enabled on VRF
description String VRF textual description
rd String VRF route distinguisher
tags Array of String VRF tags
state Object VRF workflow state
  • id
String State id
  • name
String State name
  • workflow
Object VRF workflow
** id String Workflow id
** name String Workflow name
  • allocated_till
Datetime Workflow state deadline
profile Object VRF Profile
  • id
String VRF Profile id
  • name
String VRF Profile name
project Object VRF Project
  • id
String Project id
  • name
String Project name
source String

VRF Learning source:

  • M - Manual
  • i - Interface
  • m - MPLS
  • c - ConfDB


API Key with datastream:vrf permissions required.