managedobject DataStream

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managedobject DataStream contains summarized Managed Object state, including capabilities, interfaces and topology


Name Type Description
id String Managed Object’s id
change_id String Record’s change id
remote_system Object Source remote system for object
  • id
String External system’s id
  • name
String External system’s name
remote_id String External system’s id (Opaque attribbute)
bi_id Integer BI Database id (metrics)
name String Object’s name
profile String SA Profile
vendor String Vendor
platform String Platform
version String Firmware version
address String Management Address
description String Managed Object description
tags Array of String Managed Object tags
is_managed Boolean Object is managed
object_profile Object Managed Object Profile’s data
  • id
String Profile’s ID
  • name
String Profile’s Name
  • enable_ping
Boolean Ping probe is enabled
  • enable_box
Boolean Box discovery is enabled
  • enable_periodic
Boolean Periodic discovery is enabled
capabilities Array of Object List of object’s capabilities
  • name
String Capability’s name
  • value
String Capabbility’s value
service_groups Array of Object Service Resource Groups
  • id
String Resource Group’s id
  • name
String Resource Group’s id
  • technology
String Technology’s name
  • static
Boolean true if group is static
client_groups Array of Object Client Resource Groups
  • id
String Resource Group’s id
  • name
String Resource Group’s id
  • technology
String Technology’s name
  • static
Boolean true if group is static
forwarding-instances Array of Object List of VPNs and virtual tables
  • name
String Forwarding instance name
  • type
String Forwarding instance type. One of: table, bridge, vrf, vll, vpls, evpn, vxlan
  • rd
String VPN route-distinguisher
  • vpn_id
String Globally-unique VPN id
  • rt_export
Array of String List of exported route-targets
  • rt_import
Array of String List of imported route-targets
  • subinterfaces
Array of String List of subinterfaces in given forwarding instance
interfaces Array of Object List of physical interfaces
  • name
String Interface’s name (Normalized by profile)
  • type
String Interface’s type
  • admin_status
Boolean Administrative status of interface
  • enabled_protocols
Array of String List of active protocols
  • description
String Description
  • snmp_ifindex
Integer SNMP ifIndex
  • mac
String MAC-address
  • aggregated_interface
String LAG interfacename (for LAG members)
  • subinterfaces
Array of Object List of logical interfaces
** name String Subinterface name (Normalized by profile)
** description String Description
** mac String MAC-address
** enabled_afi Array of String Active address families
** ipv4_addresses Array of String List of IPv4 addresses
** ipv6_addresses Array of String List of IPv6 addresses
** iso_addresses Array of String List of ISO/CLNS addresses
** vpi Integer ATM VPI
** vci Integer ATM VCI
** enabled_protocols Array of String Enabled protocols
** snmp_ifindex Integer SNMP ifIndex
** untagged_vlan Integer Untagged VLAN (for BRIDGE)
** tagged_vlan Array of Integer List of tagged VLANs (for BRIDGE)
** vlan_ids Array of Integer Stack of VLANs for L3 interfaces
  • link
Array of Object List of links
** object Integer Remote object’s ID
** interface String Remote port’s name (
** method String Discovery method
asset Array of Object Hardware configuration/Inventory data
  • id
String Inventory object’s ID
  • model
Object Inventory model (Object model)
** id String Inventory model’s ID
** name String Inventory model’s name
** tags Array of String Object model’s tags
** vendor Object Inventory model’s vendor
*** id String Vendor’s ID
*** name String Vendor’s Name
  • serial
String Inventory object’s serial number
  • revision
String Inventory object’s hardware revision
  • data
Object Attached data (see Model Interfaces)
  • slots
Array of Object Object’s slots configuration
** name String Name of slot
** direction String

Slot’s direction:

  • i - inner (nested object)
  • s - same level (horizontal connection)
** protocols Array of String List of protocols, supported by slot (see Inventory Protocols)
** slots Array of Object List of inner slots for i direction, same structure as slots




Restrict stream to objects belonging to pool name

Parameters:name – Pool name


API Key with datastream:managedobject permissions required.