dnszone DataStream

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dnszone DataStream contains summarized DNS Zone state, including zone’s serial and Resource Records.


Name Type Description
id String DNS Zone’s ID
name String Zone Name (Domain name)
serial String Zone’s serial
masters Array of String List of master nameservers
slaves Array of String List of slave nameservers
records Array of Object List of zone’s resource records
  • name
String Record name
  • type
String Record type (i.e. A, NS, CNAME, …)
  • rdata
String Record value
  • ttl
Integer (Optional) Record’s time-to-live
  • priority
Integer (Optional) Record’s priority (for MX and SRV)



Restrict stream to zones belonging to server name

Parameters:name – Server name (i.e. ns1.example.com)


API Key with datastream:dnszone permissions required.