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twamp_reflector collector

twamp_reflector is the reflector part of TWAMP protocol. Though not producing metrics directly, twamp_reflector responds to twamp_sender probes.


Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance. Will be returned along with the metrics.
type String Must be twamp_reflector
interval Integer Repetition interval in seconds
labels Array of Strings List of additional labels. Will be returned along with metrics
listen String
port Integer 862

Compilation Features

Enable twamp-reflector feature during compiling the agent (Enabled by default).

Configuring senders


  - id: TWAMP G.711 Test
    type: twamp_sender
    interval: 10
    port: 862
    dscp: ef
    n_packets: 250
    model: g711
    test_timeout: 3

For details on packet models and configuration and parameters refer to the twamp_sender documentation.