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memory collector

memory collects usage statistics.


Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance. Will be returned along with the metrics.
type String Must be memory
service String Equal to id Service id for output metrics
interval Integer Repetition interval in seconds
labels Array of Strings List of additional labels. Will be returned along with metrics

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Platform Description
ts All ISO 8601 Timestamp
collector All Collector Id
labels All List of labels
total All
free All
active Linux
active(anon) Linux
active(file) Linux
anonhugepages Linux
anonpages Linux
bounce Linux
buffers Linux
cached Linux
commitlimit Linux
committed_as Linux
directmap1g Linux
directmap2m Linux
directmap4k Linux
dirty Linux
filehugepages Linux
filepmdmapped Linux
hugepagesize Linux
hugetlb Linux
inactive Linux
inactive(anon) Linux
inactive(file) Linux
kreclaimable Linux
kernelstack Linux
mapped Linux
memavailable Linux
memfree Linux
memtotal Linux
mlocked Linux
nfs_unstable Linux
pagetables Linux
percpu Linux
sreclaimable Linux
sunreclaim Linux
shmem Linux
shmemhugepages Linux
shmempmdmapped Linux
slab Linux
swapcached Linux
swapfree Linux
swaptotal Linux
unevictable Linux
vmallocchunk Linux
vmalloctotal Linux
vmallocused Linux
writeback Linux
writebacktmp Linux
active FreeBSD
inactive FreeBSD
wired FreeBSD
cache FreeBSD
zfs_arc FreeBSD
active OpenBSD
inactive OpenBSD
wired OpenBSD
cache OpenBSD
paging OpenBSD
active MacOS
inactive MacOS
wired MacOS
cache MacOS
load Windows
total_phys Windows
avail_phys Windows
total_pagefile Windows
avail_pagefile Windows
total_virt Windows
avail_virt Windows
avail_ext Windows

Compilation Features

Enable memory feature during compiling the agent (Enabled by default).