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NOC 22.1.2

22.1.2 release contains 77 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
MR6437 noc/noc#1351 Add capabilities to ManagedObject ETL extractor.


MR Title
MR5084 noc/noc#1820 Add hostname_id to DiscoveryID model
MR6299 fix get_interfaces Alcatel.7302
MR6341 Fix Eltex.MES.get_inventory script
MR6346 Add checkpoint param to etl extract command.
MR6347 Cleanup Maintenance.direct_object when ManagedObject delete.
MR6353 Fix FM ReportDetailAlarm required
MR6353 Fix FM ReportDetailAlarm required
MR6360 Exclude Auto generate fields from managedobject save.
MR6379 Add task_stale_count metric to selfmon.
MR6388 noc/noc#1860 Add forget-history to gridvcs command.
MR6390 noc/noc#1837 Add old and new field value to change_fields structure.
MR6394 noc/noc#1445 Add Label header to MX messages.
MR6395 Fix Eltex.ESR.get_interfaces script
MR6426 noc/noc#1846 Add description to ResourceGroup Search field.
MR6427 noc/noc#1866 Add filterProtected attribute to UI labelfield fir Filter fields.
MR6434 noc/noc#1875 Add noc alarms command for Alarms management.
MR6459 noc/noc#1869 Add UUIDParameter type to config.
MR6470 noc/noc#1369 Request user_info over bind_user for OpenLDAP Auth settings.
MR6479 noc/noc#1884 Add row_class to Assigned Address API.
MR6490 Fix HP.ProCurve profile
MR6491 noc/noc#1851 Add cfgmxroute datastream for MX Services.
MR6504 Add connect_timeout to Stream.connect method.
MR6510 noc/noc#1847 Add interface_status_change message type.
MR6511 Extend use Scope param on Capability Item
MR6512 Strip address value on ManagedObject
MR6523 Fix config message typo.
MR6524 Huawei.MA5600T. Add Technology labels.
MR6538 Fix Zyxel.MSAN.get_inventory script


MR Title
MR6366 Fix MetricType on_delete Check for SLAProfile.
MR6373 Delete FirmwarePolicy from ManagedObjectProfile delete check.
MR6375 Add instance_to_dict_list extdocapplication method.
MR6375 Add instance_to_dict_list extdocapplication method.
MR6380 Catch Native TimeoutError exception on HTTP client request.
MR6402 Fix error when hostname None value.
MR6412 Fix DiscoveryID typo for None hostname.
MR6425 noc/noc#1872 Check vlanprofiles if create when vc migrate.
MR6431 noc/noc#1858 Split table and view migrate on migrate-ch.
MR6439 Fix clickhouse view schema migration
MR6447 Add platform to FirmwarePolicy index
MR6448 Add GIS set bi_id field migration.
MR6456 Fix change MeasurementUnit on MetricType UI form.
MR6460 Fix typo on MessageRoute migrate.
MR6466 noc/noc#1876 Skip alarm with Disabled Escalation on always_first policies.
MR6469 Fix merge_fields function for bulk_change feature.
MR6515 Fix typo on SAE.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR6391 Cleanup field use.
MR6473 Convert bytes param value for consul params.
MR6526 noc/noc#1886 Add str attribute to VLANTemplate for lookup name.

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR6528 Alcatel.7302. Add Operation error catch when CLI problem.


MR Title
MR6396 Fix Cisco.IOS.get_inventory script
MR6487 noc/noc#1867 Cisco.IOS. Fix compare version regex for 16.6.5 format.


MR Title
MR6477 DLink.DxS.get_inventory. Set stack number.


MR Title
MR6364 add new platform MES3348 Eltex.MES
MR6475 Eltex.MES.get_inventory. Add number to stack device.


MR Title
MR6484 Eltex.MES24xx.get_inventory. Add tengigabitethernet for transceiver command.


MR Title
MR6406 Generic.get_metrics. Check SNMP for S access preference.
MR6410 Generic.get_inventory. Add get_chassis_sensors method for return chassis sensor.


MR Title
MR6476 Huawei.VRP.get_portchannel. Add cleanup interface name from output.


MR Title
MR6386 Fix NSN.TIMOS.get_lldp_neighbors script


MR Title
MR6464 Fix Qtech.QSW2800.get_version script
MR6518 add model QSW2800.get_version


MR Title
MR6445 fix Raisecom.ROS profile


MR Title
MR6383 Update Symbol.AP profile
MR6414 Qtech.BFC_PBIC_S.get_inventory. Add sensor labels.
MR6416 Ttronics.KUB. Add sensor labels.
MR6497 model fix in get_version Huawei.MA5300

Collections Changes

MR Title
MR6349 Mellanox onyx
MR6356 Add initial support for Symbol.AP profile
MR6361 Add DOM Errors metric.
MR6435 add profilecheckrule SecurityCode.Kontinent
MR6478 Remove disposition from 'Security | Authentication | SNMP Authentication Failure' rule.
MR6517 add qtech profilecheckrule

Deploy Changes

MR Title
MR6342 Ansible fix version string type
MR6359 Ansible fix apt key proxy problem
MR6368 Remove ch_datasource service from deploy
MR6403 Fix deploy consul svc-set
MR6536 Fix change ip script
MR6536 Fix kafkasender checks condition