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NOC 20.4.6

20.4.6 release contains 7 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
MR6006 release-20.4:Backport!6005 Fix typo on AS UI Model.
MR6010 release-20.4:Backport!6007 Remove transform_query from Syslog BI field.
MR6134 Bump markupsage to 2.0.1 for fix soft_unicode

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR5965 Fix test TGsender service

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR6059 release-20.4:Backport!6058 Generic.get_ip_discovery. Fix type check typo.

Deploy Changes

MR Title
MR5872 release-20.4:Backport!5748 Ansible fix changed_when
MR6136 release-20.4:Backport!6106 bump liftbridge 1.7.1