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NOC 20.4.5

20.4.5 release contains 39 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
MR5199 #1537 FastAPIService: ctl API
MR5250 noc/noc#1559 Add eq - vcfilter to interfaceclassificationrule
MR5447 #1594 Error radius timeout
MR5636 Fix ddash interval
MR5648 #1586 generation reverse IPv6 DNS zone with hex characters
MR5653 noc/noc#1652
MR5710 noc/noc#1660 Fix alarm discriminator if vars empty


MR Title
MR5189 Fix ReportContainer datasource for new Object schema.
MR5242 noc/noc#1556 Fix Cannot set property URL on Event UI
MR5255 Remove bi_id from Workflow Editor save config.
MR5280 ssh: Allow none authentication method
MR5290 Fix ReportContainerData datasource.
MR5396 noc/noc#991 Add clean dot notation to RDParameter.
MR5573 Fix typo on ObjectModel export json.
MR5766 Fix activealarm object typo.
MR5773 Fix IPv6 addresses discovery on DHCP error.
MR5779 Fix UI MIB's tree for multiple root.
MR5849 Fix ReportLastChanges.

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR5421 Cisco.IOS.get_interfaces. Fix empty upper vlans bank when use SNMP.


MR Title
MR5422 Extreme.XOS.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix space in remote_port_id.


MR Title
MR5434 Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Fix trace wnen local_id not in names.


MR Title
MR5384 Add more interface types to Huawei.VRP profile


MR Title
MR5762 release-20.4:Backport!5759 Juniper.JUNOS. Fix get_interface_type for ConfDB use.


MR Title
MR5445 Fix NAG.SNR.get_interfaces script


MR Title
MR5303 Orion.NOS. Fix regex version.


MR Title
MR5451 Fix SKS.SKS.get_config script


MR Title
MR5394 Huawei.VRP3. Fix scripts for MA5303 version.
MR5400 Update Eltex.LTE profile
MR5461 NSN.TIMOS.get_lldp_neighbors. Rewrite fixme port function.
MR5761 Arista.EOS. Support 40G breakout (4x10 DAC and AOC)

Collections Changes

MR Title
MR5216 add_new_model_eltex
MR5283 sa.profilecheckrules: EdgeCore | ES | ECS4510-28F sysObjectID
MR5287 sa.profilecheckrules: EdgeCore | ES | ECS4660-28F sysObjectID
MR5304 Add more Juniper models
MR5316 Add some Juniper MX models
MR5709 Add some event classification rules
MR5713 Fix Rules. Add rules

Deploy Changes

MR Title
MR5470 Bump liftbridge version to 1.6.0
MR5869 Bump liftbridge 1.7.0