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NOC 20.4.4

20.4.4 release contains 57 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

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MR Title
MR4886 Liftbridge: Message autocompression
MR4888 get_fqdb add some profiles
MR4901 markup_language field of KBEntry model was fixed.
MR4902 Event Classes Hierarchy report was fixed
MR4904 Bearer authorization was repaired.
MR4946 radius_secret to binary
MR4960 Fix periodic metric
MR4988 noc/noc#1494 Add hostname to ManagedObject card.
MR5040 Set address_resolution_policy default value on ManagedObjectProfile form to 'D'.
MR5041 Change MetricType application condition to icontains.
MR5083 Initialize pyximport on windows
MR5097 Release 20.4 UI translation part1
MR5102 Add translation to UI
MR5112 Mailsender. Set attachment part encoding to 'utf-8'.
MR5139 noc/noc#1473 Add retry connection to Liftbridge when received GRPC UnknownError.


MR Title
MR3558 Add refresh_object ServiceSummary to nri_service.
MR4850 noc/noc#1476 Fix password change
MR4922 Fix ManagedObject card for service.
MR4943 noc/noc#1473 Move get_leader_channel to try block. For catch connection exception.
MR5007 Fix inject-event command for sending to liftbridge.
MR5008 noc/noc#1512 Bump grpc to 1.35.
MR5034 noc/noc#1513 Fix deadlock when Discovery import ActiveAlarm from umbrella.
MR5096 Bump pojson to 0.7 for py3 support
MR5117 Fix CSV export
MR5138 Fix get_shortest_path function for ManagedObject goal use
MR5174 Add state_handler to PhoneNumber and PhoneRange backend.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR5095 Fix some typo in UI label

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR4893 Cisco.IOS. Fix ConfDB normalizer.
MR4897 Fix Cisco.IOS.get_portchannel script


MR Title
MR5037 Add 'Metrics | OID | CPU | Usage | Value' to DLink DxS CPU metrics.


MR Title
MR4874 Fix EdgeCore.ES.get_spanning_tree script
MR4874 Fix EdgeCore.ES.get_spanning_tree script


MR Title
MR5002 Eltex.MES. Fix confdb untagged vlan fix.


MR Title
MR5017 Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Remove bulk argument.
MR5018 Generic.get_interfaces. Use ifindex if it not in pid-ifindex mappings.


MR Title
MR4891 Add tunnel type to Huawei.MA5600T.get_interfaces script


MR Title
MR5001 Juniper.JUNOS.get_capabilities. Catch SNMP error on capabilities.
MR5110 Juniper.JunOS. Fix ConfDB normalizer for vlan_id 'none'.


MR Title
MR4993 Orion.NOS. Add get_fqdn script.


MR Title
MR5167 fix_get_lldp_neighbors_SKS.SKS


MR Title
MR4822 noc/noc#1464 Update Eltex.TAU profile
MR4870 add metrics Subscribers \| Summary port and slot Alcatel.TIMOS
MR4877 Cisco.WLC. Fix pattern_more prompt.
MR4885 add_metrics Eltex.TAU
MR4887 Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interfaces script
MR4887 Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interfaces script
MR5006 Fix ZTE.ZXA10.get_interface script
MR5011 Qtech.QFC. Add custom SNMP parser.
MR5036 Angtel.Topaz. Fix convert_interface_name for vlan.
MR5039 Qtech.QSW8200. Add new OS supported.
MR5072 fix_get_lldp_neighbors_Alstec.ALS
MR5087 Profile: Cisco.NXOS fix get_switchport and profile

Collections Changes

MR Title
MR4847 Profile: Qtech.QFC QFC-LIGHT v2

Deploy Changes

MR Title
MR4938 Add RuntimeDirectory=nats to the nats systemd unit file
MR5109 Bump liftbridge to 1.5.1