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NOC 20.3.1

20.3.1 release contains 139 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
MR4222 Fast HeatMap
MR4256 Add Project to ETL
MR4274 New profile Qtech.QFC
MR4388 Add new controller profile KUB Nano


MR Title
MR4236 Catch when sentry-sdk module enabled but not installed.
MR4246 Fix Qtech.BFC profile
MR4264 runtime optimization ReportMaxMetrics
MR4275 ElectronR.KO01M profile scripts
MR4278 noc/noc#1383 Add IfPath collator to confdb
MR4280 noc/noc#1381 Add alarm_consequence_policy to TTSystem settings.
MR4281 #1384 Add source-ip aaa hints.
MR4287 Add round argument to metric scale function
MR4314 Update Card for Sensor Controller
MR4320 Fill capabilities for beef.
MR4338 New Grafana dashboards
MR4344 Profile fix controllers
MR4349 Controller/fix2
MR4354 add_interface-type_Juniper_JUNOSe
MR4358 Fix Qtech.BFC profile
MR4383 Update threshold handler
MR4384 Add collators to some profiles.
MR4389 Electron fix profile
MR4391 add new metric Qtech.BFC
MR4394 fix some controllers ddash/metrics
MR4396 Fix inerfaces name Qtech.BFC
MR4399 Up report MAX_ITERATOR to 800 000.
MR4407 add_columns_total_reportmaxmetrics
MR4416 Add csv+zip format to ReportDetails.
MR4417 Add Long Alarm Archive options to ReportAlarm, from Clickhouse table.
MR4428 Add available_only options to ReportDiscoveryTopologyProblem.
MR4432 Reset NetworkSegment TTL cache after remove.
MR4433 Change is_uplink criterias priority on segment MAC discovery.
MR4439 fix_reportmaxmetrics
MR4447 Add octets_in_sum and octets_out_sum columns to ReportMetrics.
MR4453 ConfDB syslog
MR4455 Fix controllers profiles, ddash
MR4470 Add ReportMovedMacApplication application.
MR4475 Add sorted to tags application.
MR4486 Add migrate_ts field to ReportMovedMac.
MR4508 add_csvzip_reportmaxmetrics
MR4516 fix csv_import view
MR4517 Additional options to segment command
MR4547 Add JOB_CLASS param to core.defer util.
MR4551 add column reboots in fm.reportalarmdetail
MR4571 Filter Multicast MACs on Moved MAC report.
MR4573 Add api_unlimited_row_limit param
MR4582 noc/noc#1371 Add schedule_discovery_config handler to events.discovery.
MR4624 add metrics "Subscribers | Summary" Alcatel.TIMOS
MR4629 noc/noc#1440 Use all macs on 'Discovery ID cache poison' report.
MR4632 Add Telephony SIP metrics graph.


MR Title
MR4249 Fix card MO
MR4251 Fix status RNR
MR4258 Change field_num on ReportObjectStat
MR4269 noc/noc#1374 Fix typo on datastream format check.
MR4285 Fix Profile Check Summary typo.
MR4303 #1335 ConfDB: Fix and inside or combination
MR4310 Fix RNR affected AD
MR4319 Add err_status to beef snmp_getbulk_response method.
MR4321 Convert oid on snmp raw_varbinds.
MR4322 Fix event clean
MR4328 Add xmac discovery to ReportDiscoveryResult.
MR4368 Fix hash_int()
MR4373 Fix typo on Calcify Biosegmentation policy.
MR4418 Add id field to project etl loader.
MR4419 Fix multiple segment args on discovery command.
MR4423 noc/noc#1399 Delete Permissions and Favorites on wipe user.
MR4424 noc/noc#1375 Fix DEFAULT_STENCIL use on SegmentTopology.
MR4425 noc/noc#1396 AlarmEscalation. Use item delay for consequence escalation.
MR4426 Fix extapp group regex splitter to non-greedy.
MR4430 Fix ManagedObject _reset_caches key for _id_cache.
MR4461 noc/noc#1229 Fix user cleanup Django Admin Log.
MR4474 Add 120 sec to out_of_order escalation time.
MR4492 Skipping files if already compressed on destination.
MR4497 noc/noc#1427 Fix whois ARIN url.
MR4505 Bump ssh2-python to 0.23.
MR4513 noc/noc#1423 Convert pubkey to bytes.
MR4518 Fix vendors and handlers migrations
MR4524 #1312 Consistent VPN ID generation
MR4540 Fix customfields for mongoengine.
MR4561 Fix typo on interfaceprofile UI Application.
MR4564 Fix trace when execute other script that command on MRT.
MR4569 Fix typo on MRT service.
MR4595 Fix extra filter when set extra order.
MR4614 Fix SNMP_GET_OIDS on get_chassis_id scripts to list.
MR4627 noc/noc#1439 Fix tag contains query for non latin symbol.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR4254 Cleanup flake.

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR4316 Update Cisco.IOS profile to support more physical interfaces


MR Title
MR4408 added interfacetypes for IOSXR platform


MR Title
MR4355 DLink.DxS.get_metrics. Fix SNMP Error when 'CPU | Usage' metric.
MR4434 Fix Dlink.DxS profile.


MR Title
MR4556 EdgeCore.ES.get_spanning_tree. Fix getting port_id for Trunk interface.


MR Title
MR4217 test tacacs1.yml crashed. AssertionError: assert [] == [(right syntax)]
MR4262 Eltex.MES.get_capabilities. Fix detect stack mode by SNMP.
MR4615 Eltex.MES. Add to display_snmp.


MR Title
MR4404 Fix Extreme.XOS.get_lldp_neighbors script


MR Title
MR4342 Generic.get_arp. Cleanup snmp for py3
MR4613 Generic.get_chassis_id. Add 'LLDP-MIB::lldpLocChassisId' oid to display_hints.


MR Title
MR4611 Huawei.MA5600T.get_spanning_tree. Fix waited command.


MR Title
MR3575 Huawei.VRP.get_inventory. Use slot hints for Quidway 5XXX.
MR4422 Huawei.VRP. Add NE8000 version detect.
MR4550 Huawei.VRP fix normalize_enable_stp
MR4557 Huawei.VRP. Check nexthop type on ConfDB route normalizer.


MR Title
MR4324 Fix Juniper.JUNOS.get_chassis_id script
MR4377 Fix Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces script


MR Title
MR4351 Fix NAG.SNR.get_interfaces script
MR4481 Fix NAG.SNR.get_lldp_neighbors script


MR Title
MR4444 Qtech.QSW2800. Add sdiag prompt.
MR4542 Fix Qtech.QSW2800.get_version script


MR Title
MR4240 Ubiquiti.AirOS.get_version. Cleanup for py3.
MR4240 Ubiquiti.AirOS.get_version. Cleanup for py3.


MR Title
MR4214 ConfDB tests profile Raisecom.RCIOS.
MR4241 Alstec.MSPU.get_version. Fix HappyBaby platform regex.
MR4272 Eltex.WOPLR. Add get_interface_type method to profile.
MR4279 Update Rotek.BT profile
MR4295 Fix metric name
MR4302 add snmp in profile Juniper.JUNOSe
MR4313 Rotek.BT fix get_metrics
MR4335 add snmp in profile Alcatel.TIMOS
MR4365 Fix prompt matching in Fortinet.Fortigate profile
MR4371 Alcatel.OS62xx.get_version. Set always_prefer to S for better platform detect.
MR4376 fix_get_lldp_neighbors_NSN.TIMOS
MR4406 Add AcmePacket.NetNet profile.
MR4431 noc/noc#1391 Cisco.WLC. Add get_interface_type method.
MR4536 add_bras_metrics_Juniper_JUNOSe
MR4578 Eltex.ESR add snmp support
MR4583 Update DCN.DCWS
MR4585 Update sa/profiles/DCN/DCWS/
MR4586 Ericsson.SEOS.get_interfaces. Migrate to Generic SNMP.
MR4600 Huawei.VRP3.get_interface_status_ex. Fix return in/out speed as kbit/sec.
MR4610 Huawei.VRP3.get_interface_status_ex. Fix trace when SNMP Timeout.
MR4617 NSN.TIMOS.get_interfaces. Fix empty MAC on output.

Collections Changes

MR Title
MR4282 Add new caps - Sensor | Controller
MR4294 New Environment metrics
MR4305 Fix bad json on collection.
MR4307 Cleanup HP fm.eventclassificationrule.
MR4337 Fix get metrics script for controller
MR4345 Fix dev.specs SNMP chassis for Huawei and Generic.
MR4499 Fix default username BI dashboard.
MR4625 Add AcmePacket Vendor.