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NOC 20.2.1

20.2.1 release contains 52 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
MR3795 sa.managedobject: Manual interface creation/deletion
MR3814 noc/noc#1318 Add LAG to ConfDB syntax.


MR Title
MR3815 Add aggregated interface and LACP protocol to Interface and Caps Discovery.
MR3816 noc/noc#1319 Add cli_retries_unprivileged_mode params. Fix retry unprivileged mode.
MR3842 Add SysUptime metric type.
MR3849 Add BI dashboards to collections.
MR3873 noc/noc#1325 Add downlinks of uplink to rca_neighbors.


MR Title
MR3791 Fix encoding on ReportLinkDetail.
MR3792 Fix load cmibs from custom.
MR3797 Fix decoding on interfacepath card.
MR3800 Fix tags lookup search.
MR3801 Remove double fm_pool from managedobject etl loader.
MR3831 noc/noc#1322 Fix duplicate session when self.cli use on Profile.shutdown_session.
MR3860 Fix fix_link_all_objects.
MR3867 Fix 'CronTab' object is not an iterator trace.
MR3872 Fix trap decode ('use a string pattern on a bytes-like object').
MR3875 Fix 'Juniper | JUNOS | Security | Authentication | SNMP Authentication Failure...
MR3878 Add filter id None values on datastream command.
MR3880 Fix encoding on classifier fm_unescape function.
MR3890 Fix typo on CollapseTagged Applicator.
MR3910 Fix monmap card 'not supported between instances of 'int' and 'NoneType''.
MR3911 Fix sorted key in ConfDB 'interfaces X meta link'.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR3462 cython language_level
MR3835 Remove pyclips
MR3845 Cleanup cm.ObjecFact on managedobject on_delete_check.
MR3851 Remove main.probehandler.LookupField

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR3828 Alcatel.7302.get_version. Fix platform detect.


MR Title
MR3821 Alstec.24xx.get_fqdn. Cleanup print.


MR Title
MR3802 Cisco.IOS. Add Dial-peer interface to convert_interface_name.
MR3846 Add voice interface to Cisco.IOS.convert_interface_name.
MR3908 Use MIB to get CDP status, instead of raw oid


MR Title
MR3781 Generic.get_interfaces. Fix getting switchport vlans.
MR3819 Generic.get_interfaces. Fix get_snmp_timeout method.
MR3834 Generic.get_interface_properties. Add interface_filter method for ignore interface by name.
MR3855 Fix invalid vlan number in Generic.get_mac_address_table script


MR Title
MR3870 Hikvision.DSKV8.get_config. Fix dict iteritems.


MR Title
MR3796 Huawei.MA5600T.get_capabilities set keep_cli_session to false.
MR3827 Huawei.MA5600T.get_inventory. Fix detect MA5603.
MR3854 Huawei.MA5600T.get_cpe_status. Fix decode serial.


MR Title
MR3780 Fix Huawei vrp 40g interface support
MR3783 Huawei.VRP.get_interfaces. Remove print.
MR3810 Huawei.VRP. ConfDB normalizer for ipv6 link-local address.
MR3822 Huawei.VRP. Add LAG interface to ConfDB normalizer.
MR3886 Huawei.VRP. Add Gi to convert_interface_name.


MR Title
MR3832 Raisecom.ROS.get_version. Fix version regex for Gazelle platform.


MR Title
MR3782 SKS.SKS. Add SNMP support.
MR3807 SKS.SKS. Fix convert interface name on LLDP.


MR Title
MR3785 Alstec.MSPU.get_interfaces. Fix 'port ' command.
MR3806 Qtech.QSW8200. Add SNMP support.
MR3808 DCN.DCWL.get_metrics. Fix CPU Usage.
MR3820 Qtech.QSW8200.get_version. Fix bootprom detect on SNMP.
MR3861 Add get_fqdn scripts.