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NOC 20.1.1

20.1.1 release contains 100 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
MR3418 Grafana: Add new DOM dash


MR Title
MR3407 Add combo connection type to Huawei Quidway series.
MR3428 Add Combo port to Raisecom models.
MR3476 Fix report max load metrics 2
MR3505 Backport-3494. Add SubscriberProfile to ETL loader.
MR3512 Register Datastream Changes when Service - Interface binding changes
MR3522 Add errors_in_sum, errors_out_sum column to reportmetrics.
MR3524 fix_objectmodels_comboports_eltex_mes
MR3527 nbi Path API: Specify start by OFM order_id
MR3542 Add iface_hints to RemoteSystem portmapper.
MR3560 Add pool to reportdiscoverypoison.
MR3580 Add quiet params to etl extract command. Supress exception if set.
MR3581 Add retry escalation to Escalation limit exceeded.
MR3587 add_new_model_Nag
MR3588 fix_objectmodels_eltex_LTP-LTE
MR3624 MAC Segment discovery. Check object level on same segment for uplink detect.
MR3626 #1299 Hide hidden custom fields from ipam view
MR3633 Add ELtex MIB preference.
MR3636 Add Eltex MIBs.
MR3657 Add Huawei.MA5600T profile check rules
MR3662 Add Eltex MIBs.
MR3674 Add json_unique_fields to ProfileCheckRule.
MR3678 Add 'Discards In' and 'Discards Out' to Report metrics.
MR3682 noc/noc#1295 Add Cisco ASR1001-X model.
MR3690 noc/noc#1290 Zyxel.ZyNOS. py3, Convert pattern_zynos prompt to binary.


MR Title
MR1571 Fix Qtech.QSW profile for lldp
MR3389 fix report - load metric max
MR3397 Tgsender: fix py3
MR3400 Fix bi encode error when empty field description.
MR3405 Fix changing objectmodel combo field.
MR3419 Fix AlowDiskUse param on aggregate report
MR3426 Fix DatasourceCache compress encoding.
MR3440 Fix Consul session lost logging
MR3446 Disable smart_text over return http.get json result.
MR3448 Fix comma on mo pm dashboard.
MR3471 noc/noc#1286 Fix object set rack number.
MR3471 noc/noc#1286 Fix object set rack number.
MR3479 py3: Fix DNS RR comparison
MR3483 Add is_managed=False to maintenance escalator handler.
MR3484 Fix detect selected column on ObjectDetail Report.
MR3502 Fix bytes on asset generate_serial.
MR3503 Change enable_link to enable_service on nri service discovery.
MR3513 Add json_unique_fields to mibpreference.
MR3514 release-20.1:Backport!3507. py3: Fix whois update-cache.
MR3517 Fix scheduler shutdown
MR3518 Fix CH Dictionary split data to chunk.
MR3562 Add to Service to on_delete_check.
MR3577 Fix on_error_sequence type check.
MR3612 Catch portmapper exception on NRI discovery.
MR3623 py3. Use BytesIO instead StringIO on ReportLinkDetail.
MR3646 Fix ReportDiscovery Poison MAC view.
MR3652 classifier: Fix bytes processing 20.1
MR3676 Fix logger argument on xmac discovery.
MR3684 Fix ObjectData.update_uplinks upsert update.
MR3731 py3. Fix get_colors.

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR3401 py3. Fix compile-bytecode.
MR3614 Fix DOM ddash
MR3639 Fix id ddash for Grafana 6
MR3643 Add/new ddash stp delta
MR3659 Fix Radio Ddash

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR3437 noc/noc#1181 Alstec.24xx. Add platform name normalizer.


MR Title
MR3596 DLink.DxS_Cisco_CLI.get_interfaces. Fix description decode.
MR3727 DLink.DxS_Smart.get_interfaces. Fix typo.
MR3737 DLink.DxS.get_lldp_neighbors. py3. Fix remote_port format to string.


MR Title
MR3391 Eltex.MES Update metrics
MR3434 Eltex.MES: Fix get_mac_address_table
MR3487 Eltex.MES. Add detected platform to profile.
MR3547 add_new_model_eltex_mes-3116F


MR Title
MR3697 Eltex.MES24xx. Add config prompt to profile.
MR3738 Eltex.MES24xx.get_lldp_neighbors. Add 'Interface Alias' to port subtype.


MR Title
MR3559 Generic.get_chassis_id. Add 00:01:02:03:04:05 to IGNORED_MACS.
MR3565 Generic.get_mac_address_table. Filter vlan 0 number.
MR3687 Generic.get_beef. Fix encode method.
MR3733 Generic.get_vlans. Fix py3.
MR3734 Generic.get_mac_address_table. Skip unknown interfaces.


MR Title
MR3412 Huawei.MA5600T.get_cpe. Use codecs.encode instead .encode.
MR3582 Huawei.MA5600T.get_interfaces. Add interface hints field.
MR3595 Huawei.MA5600T. Add get_lldp_neighbors script.
MR3660 Backport noc/noc!3656. Empty response after other command.


MR Title
MR3669 Fix tagged vlan parsing on switch with 40G interfaces


MR Title
MR3413 Juniper.JUNOS.get_interfaces. Use codecs.decode insterad .decode.


MR Title
MR3468 fix get_version - space removed in platform
MR3492 noc/noc#1230 Orion.NOS. Add convert_interface_name method.
MR3590 Fix Orion.NOS.get_lldp_neighbors script


MR Title
MR3599 noc/noc#1231 Qtech.QSW.get_version. Fix version regex.


MR Title
MR3399 Raisecom.ROS.get_version. Add detect Qtech vendor.
MR3566 Raisecom.ROS. Add fastethernet1/0/1 to management for ISCOM26(?:24|08)G.
MR3736 Raisecom.ROS.get_capabilities. Fix STP detect.


MR Title
MR3601 noc/noc#1180 SKS.SKS.get_interfaces. Fix tagged vlan none on command.


MR Title
MR3610 Siklu.EH.get_mac_address_table. Fix mac type detected if quota column end.


MR Title
MR3393 Eltex.MES5448 update profile
MR3410 py3. Cleanup OID iface MAC to IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress name.
MR3420 Generic.get_mac_address_table. Fix getting mac address tables by SNMP.
MR3450 DCN.DCWL.get_metrics. Fix empty mac address.
MR3453 Convert command_submit on self.cli to bytes.
MR3454 Qtech.QSW.get_chassis_id. Add render_mac to SNMP method.
MR3459 py3. Fix convert hex values on profiles.
MR3495 noc/noc#1175 Huawei.MA5300.get_version. Add MA5303 to detecting profile.
MR3725 HP.ProCurve. Cleanup py3.
MR3739 DCN.DCWL.get_metrics. Fix rtt check.