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NOC 19.4.2

19.4.2 release contains 40 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.


MR Title
MR3139 Interface threshold handling fixes
MR3187 Update Search by MAC in MO Inteface
MR3322 add new report - load metric max
MR3476 Fix report max load metrics 2


MR Title
MR1571 Fix Qtech.QSW profile for lldp
MR3143 Fix object datastream iter_changed managed_object check.
MR3152 Fix object iter_changed_datastream typo.
MR3161 Fix Segment MAC Discovery when the object links to itself
MR3162 Fix interface_flap field on ReportMetrics.
MR3205 Fix delay escalation when start time < now time
MR3207 #1227: Filter out duplicated metric measurements
MR3221 Rebuild credential cache when change ManagedObjectProfile beef_storage and beef_path_template field.
MR3258 py3: Fix whois client
MR3263 Add MO queue for maintenance escalation
MR3267 Fix Alarms class filter
MR3291 Add raise_privileges and access_preference params when call login script on suggestcli discovery.
MR3292 Add ldap3 escape filter chars 19.4

Code Cleanup

MR Title
MR3390 Fix DDash sensorstatus

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR3173 Cisco.IOS.get_lacp_neighbors, get_version. Small fixes encoding.
MR3185 Cisco.IOS.get_lacp_neighbors. Fix rx_sys_id regex.


MR Title
MR3142 Dahua.DH. Fix getting config from RVi web cam.


MR Title
MR3177 fix_Environment_Sensor_Status_Eltex_MES


MR Title
MR3164 fix_get_lldp_neighbors_Eltex_MES24xx


MR Title
MR3149 Generic.get_beef. Catch SNMP error when collected beef.


MR Title
MR3240 H3C.VRP. Fix get_version and add SNMP scripts.
MR3300 H3C.VRP.get_version. Fix regex for S3100-8TP-EI model.


MR Title
MR3337 Huawei. Disable CLI metrics.


MR Title
MR3256 add snmp oid jnxVirtualChassisMemberMacAddBase. fix get_chassis_id Juniper_JUNOS


MR Title
MR3222 Qtech.QSW2800.get_capabilities. Fix not supported operation on 'NoneType' and 'int' type.


MR Title
MR3150 fix_AlliedTelesis.AT9900_profile
MR3160 add_get_ifindexes_AlliedTelesis.AT9900_profile
MR3167 add_get_lldp_neighbors_AlliedTelesis.AT9900
MR3180 add_cli_get_lldp_neighbors_AlliedTelesis.AT9900
MR3196 Fix get_interfaces for BDCOM.xPON profile
MR3245 Fix get_interfaces NSN.TIMOS
MR3298 fix_get_interfaces - port-channel no has iftype
MR3306 NSN.TIMOS Fix get_intefaces script
MR3308 Iscratel.ESCOM fix profile
MR3332 Iskratel.ESCOM fix lldp neigborg script
MR3495 noc/noc#1175 Huawei.MA5300.get_version. Add MA5303 to detecting profile.