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NOC 19.4.1

19.4.1 release contains 42 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements.

New features

MR Title
MR2753 Add Open/Close Events from Thresholds


MR Title
MR3040 managedobject datastream: admin_status field
MR3073 Add extra_vars params to pm dash
MR3100 Rebuild datastream when object or objectconnection change.
MR3122 Add iface threshold profile handler


MR Title
MR3013 #1186 py3: Fix request.body processing
MR3015 Fix cleanup 0192_thresholdprofile migration.
MR3019 Fix 0153_managedobjectselector_profile migration after fix 0150_managed_object_profile migration.
MR3034 Fix TypeError on http client when working over proxy.
MR3041 #1201 py3: Fix http client eof_mark handling
MR3042 Fix result format on Activator.snmp_v1_get and snmp_v2c_get methods.
MR3042 Fix result format on Activator.snmp_v1_get and snmp_v2c_get methods.
MR3045 #1196 py3: Fix location handling
MR3047 #1209 Fix syslogcollector/trapcollector port binding
MR3064 py3 fix beef import encoding.
MR3068 fix Alstec, Eltex pon/rg, qsw8200, dlink get_inventory
MR3078 Fix typo in text parse_table on row_wrapper param check.
MR3093 fix ReportAlarmDetail
MR3094 noc/noc#1188 Fix memory leak on SSH CLI.
MR3097 noc/noc#1096 Fix correlator trigger handler call.

Profile Changes


MR Title
MR3123 fix Alcatel 7302 serial


MR Title
MR3119 noc/noc#1181 Alstec.24xx. Fix unknown serial number, and devices with 4413 DeviceID.
MR3128 noc/noc#1181 Alstec.24xx.get_inventory. Fallback to CLI when unknown SNMP part_no.


MR Title
MR3020 Generic.get_lldp_neighbors. Strip x00 symbol on SNMP string.
MR3032 Generic.get_beef. Fix fsm collecting - not collected if get_version first.
MR3084 Generic.get_capabilities. Fix bad enterprise id check.


MR Title
MR3022 Huawei.MA5600T. Fix lstrip on profile parse_table.


MR Title
MR3105 Huawei.VRP. Add S3328 to hw_series.
MR3113 Huawei.VRP. Fix version and inventory script for CX300 platform.
MR3116 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP.get_inventory. Add S8504 slot count.
MR3126 noc/noc#1163 Huawei.VRP. Add error_pattern_prompt and fix get_version encoding.


MR Title
MR3058 Juniper.JUNOS.normalizer. Fix detect vrf type.


MR Title
MR2960 Add support for stack in QSW-8200-28F-AC-DC


MR Title
MR3118 noc/noc#1180 SKS.SKS.get_inventory. Fix getting inventory on E1 module.
MR3118 noc/noc#1180 SKS.SKS.get_inventory. Fix getting inventory on E1 module.
MR3127 noc/noc#1180 SKS.SKS. Fix get_spanning_tree designated_port_id and get_inventory unknown E1 module.


MR Title
MR3038 Add NSN.hiX56xx.get_inventory script
MR3050 DCN.DCWL. Fix profile for SNMP
MR3052 DCN.DCWL.get_version. Fix typo on matchers.
MR3079 Carelink.SWG. Fix pattern_more on profile.
MR3083 Qtech.QSW8200.get_lldp_neighbors. Add ifName to port_type.
MR3108 fix_get_inventory_Eltex_ESR_profile