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NOC 19.3.1

19.3.1 release contains 54 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements. Release is fully binary compatible with NOC 19.3 <release-19.3>. All users of 19.3 <release-19.3> are urged to upgrade to 19.3.1.


Migration from 19.3 release is straightforward. Just deploy 19.3.1 or stable-19.3 tags from Tower.

New features

MR Title
MR2234 network segment: search & select object
MR2374 Took default user password and email from env on initial migrations
MR2532 nbi: config and configrevisions API


MR Title
MR2454 Resolve "ConfDB: RouterOS ntp"
MR2466 Resolve "ConfDB: EdgeCore-ES ntp"
MR2468 Resolve "ConfDB: Qtech-QSW2800 ntp"
MR2470 Resolve "ConfDB: Juniper-JUNOS ntp"
MR2471 Resolve "ConfDB: Eltex-MES ntp"
MR2491 Add Axis.VAPIX confdb normalizer.
MR2492 Add discovery status classificator to report object stat.
MR2508 Filter enable_discovery False from Report Profile Check Summary.
MR2550 Update Angtel.Topaz profile
MR2557 Dahua.DH. Add Web Auth middleware abd getting PTZ version to attributes.
MR2569 Fix Eltex.MES.get_inventory script
MR2578 Update Alstec.MSPU profile
MR2597 Fix Eltex.MES.get_capabilities script


MR Title
MR1571 Fix Qtech.QSW profile for lldp
MR2430 Delete include from command in Qtech.QSW2800 profiles.
MR2481 Remove newline from version info
MR2482 ConfDB: Allow over-dedent in indent tokenizer
MR2484 Bring matchers to Eltex.MES profile
MR2485 Fix Huawei.VRP matchers for S5628F model.
MR2486 Fix interface-profile command trace when connect.
MR2490 Fix ddash when no metric on interface profile
MR2501 Fix matcher parsing
MR2503 Ensure User.last_login is nullable
MR2517 Fix Huawei.VRP "Are you sure" pattern_more.
MR2522 Edcore.ES.get_switchport. Fix 'interface_swport' regex if output not 'Native VLAN' field
MR2523 Hikvision.DSKV8. Fix trace when returned bad xml.
MR2524 Add RVi vendor to Dahua.DH profile.
MR2535 right width increase
MR2536 Fix on_init attribute on administrative_domain model.
MR2538 confdb edgecore-es. fix ntp address
MR2539 confdb qtech_qsw2800. fix ntp address
MR2545 Use ReportModelFilter for ReportDiscoveryLinks.
MR2547 Change user_permissions field to permissions (fix create user).
MR2549 Add ch_escape to managedObject BI extractor.
MR2558 noc/noc#1095 Fix mongo connect on commands job, run, wipe.
MR2559 Fix DiscoveryResult reportdatasource high memory consumption.
MR2560 Register unknown part_no use first vendor_code
MR2568 Add object_profile field to managed_object iter_datastream.
MR2570 translate Add Insert for listformfield and gridfield fixed
MR2572 Add use_mongo to mrt services.
MR2573 Fix get_metrics MA5600T
MR2581 Raisecom.ROS.get_interfaces. Fix getting iface_type.
MR2587 #1105 Fix apply fix_object_uplinks and fix_alarm_managedobjectprofile
MR2595 Fix ReportObjectDetail append row.
MR2600 #1100 Fix FirmwarePolicy.get_recommended_version()
MR2603 DCN.DCWL.get_interfaces. Filter "00:00:00:00:00:00" MAC.
MR2612 collections: Ignore unknown fields
MR2622 Fix clear unknown model when create.
MR2629 Add UUID to JSON Unique field on Inventory models.
MR2634 #1112 fix csv-import/export command
MR2637 Fix interface_flap param on ReportMetric.